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​NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) often confront property related disputes, mostly at the hands of their own family members. The challenge they face is of getting the documentation and details of the property and ascertaining its genuineness.

At NRI Legal we understand the pain and plight of NRI clients and provide committed services to procure property details and documents by conducting due-diligence.

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Other Legal Services Related to Property Matters

  • Eviction of trespasser/ illegal occupant of property
  • Challenging False and wrongful intestate property transfer.
  • Seeking rightful share in purchased, inherited, or, gifted property.
  • Challenging a false or forged will and property transfer on the basis of will.
Our proficient property lawyers in Chandigarh have a record of handling some of the most high profile property matters ranging from 500 million to 5 billion in worth. The matters are not only handled proactively with diligence but also with utmost dedication and honesty, which is why NRI Legal is name of trust and loyalty.

Two Most Common Property Issues Faced by NRI Clients

  • Trespass/ Illegal possession of the property

One of the major property related issue suffered by NRIs. The issue is more intense if one does not have the ownership records of the property in question. The matter requires thorough and competent professional advice and assistance. One must bear in mind that even though all the information is available online, it is important to thoroughly understand property laws and their applicability.

  • Fraudulent transfer and forged property documentation

As data is often recorded in vernacular language, deciphering that data in common language can be a difficult task for a layman and requires competent assistance of a well-read property lawyer. Any kind of property fraud i.e., illegal possession, illegal transfer, illegal sale/ purchase demands previous records and thorough investigation. Under the right to information a rightful successor/ heir/ beneficiary can obtain the information regarding their property and can seek assistance of our experienced property lawyers to challenge – Illegal transfer, Gift, Will, Sale etc.

If you’re an NRI Facing a property issue in India, you can start with having your legal matter evaluated by our counsels: