Land Valuation

A person staying overseas, having properties in India might at some point need to get the properties valued. Property Valuation means to know the tentative monetary value of the land, movable, or immovable property. The valuation of land is analyzed by inspecting the current market sale value of the property.

In What Cases Valuation of Property Required?

  • If transacting any property remotely or through third party, an NRI should consider parallel evaluation so as to avoid getting misguided.
  • If there is an offer on table which seems to be less.
  • If the property or its share is being sold within the family.
  • If the property is being mortgaged.
  • If the property is being exchanged.
  • If the property is being given/ taken to settle a dispute/ debt.
  • On an order of an international court/ forum which demands the value of the property to be submitted before it.
  • For legal heirs who wish to relinquish, gift, or transfer their properties. Whatever the case may be, knowing the worth of a thing before giving it away is always a fair choice to make.

For Separation Proceedings

When two partners are separating in any court of foreign jurisdiction, and desire that their properties should also be separated, they require a complete record of all the properties they own. Now, NRI’s seldom have knowledge about their partner’s property in India and its net worth. In such cases they seek the legal assistance from our property lawyers in India to know the exact value of their property so as to present it to the court/ forum adjudicating their matter and to have their claims settled evenly. Not only do we do the valuation, but also help the clients track the origin of the property and ascertain the share of the current owners and the worth of each share.

When Property’s Particulars Are Not Known

NRI’s living abroad do not always have exact knowledge about their or their partner’s properties in INDIA. Thanks to the revenue and well-kept property records in India, details of any property located in any part of the India can be traced to its origins for at least last 3 to 4 generations and at places to even up to 10 generations. All one needs is the assistance of a dedicated and intelligent property lawyer who strives to trace it out for the client.


  • Consulting – Discussion on the nature, type, location, and current possession of the property, rightful legal interest, current idea on value, method of claim.
  • Tendering Documents: pertaining to the property and self. This may include the details of assets name of the current owner/ possessors, copy of wills, property registry documents etc.
  • Based on the submitted detail, the counsel diligently identifies the property and conducts its market valuation.

Consult for Your Property Valuation

Our experienced property lawyers in Chandigarh have an expertise in locating and getting a near perfect valuation. Our legal office has satisfied thousands of NRI clients by yielding timely and accurate results. The client is kept informed at every-step and the valuation is carried out professionally and diligently: