Buy and Sell

Real estate is a huge market. There are thousands of companies introducing housing and other residential or commercial schemes in India every month. The real estate market is unpredictable in nature. NRI’s move abroad but still have this view in mind to invest in India or to buy some piece of land in India. NRI’s unaware of the market situation in India finds it difficult to know the property in which they should invest.

To invest in this huge market is a risk as many uncertain situation may arise and a precise legal advice shall be taken in account. With our lawyers aware of the real estate market, our counsels can be consulted for buying and selling of the properties.

Problems which may arise before NRI’s

Monetary value of the property:-

The most common problem faced by the NRI’s during buying or selling a property in India is not knowing the exact value of the property. As NRI’s are living abroad, they are unaware of the market situation in India, due to this reason often they face problems like buying the property at an overly asked price or they end up selling the property at a very low price.

Illegal property:-

Another common problem which NRI’s might face is contracting in title of an illegal property. Many times NRI’s face this kind of fraud in which an already sold property or a disputed land or a property which was not meant to be sold legally is sold to an NRI. NRI’s most generally face this kind of scam in India.

Fraud by real estate companies:-

NRI’s most commonly invest their money in real estate through real estate companies.  NRI’s unaware of the past record of the companies invest their hard earned money in real estate through these companies. Fraud is most commonly committed against the NRI’s investing in real estate in India through oversees companies.

Delay in possession:-

A major problem faced by mass of India whether living in India or oversees in real estate market is the delay in possession of property or dispossession from the property. Companies fail to meet the promised date of delivering the possession of land. Result of which many times a fraud is committed where possession is not even delivered to the parties.

How our team can help

Our team with experienced practitioners working in the field of law and property is aware of all the changes happening in the real estate market over the years. Our team can help in following ways:-

  1. To get the possession of a property which is delayed.
  2. Our property experts can guide about the actual market value of the properties
  3. Our property experts know all the changes about the real estate market. We can help you invest at right time in right real estate scheme.
  4. Our Team will assist in all the paperwork required to buy or sell the property.
  5. We assist the landlord by keeping them updated about the situation of the real estate market.
  6. Identification of buyer and seller.
  7. Knowing the actual value of own or partner’s property.
  8. Reviewing the documents of the property.
  9. Negotiating documents of sale and drafting of documents of the property.
  10. Detailed information regarding any particular sale or purchase of property.

Our legal assisting team provides walk in counselling as well as video counselling to the NRI’s.