About Us

We know the problems that Nonresident Indians face living in abroad nations. NRI’s are not visiting the nation very often result of which they are not in complete surveillance of their property. NRI’s are often stuck by different problems regarding the property. NRI’s might be facing some civil or criminal issues, reason of that they avoid being present in India. NRI’s are scared that if they will come to India they might stuck in some problem or their passport will be taken from them. Legal advice is much needed from them from a legal advisor. An experienced advocate can guide the NRI in problem and can solve the issue in a matter of time.

NRI’s might face following problems:-

  1. Illegal possession of property.
  2. Illegal sale of property.
  3. Tenancy disputes.
  4. Criminal litigation.
  5. Illegal transfer of property.

Senior Members

Mr. M.K. Bhandari, Advocate.

(Member Supreme Court Bar Association.

Ex-Member International Council of Jurists. In practice since 1981.)

Area of operation: Delhi, Faridabad, Supreme Court.

Mrs. Savita Bhandari – Advocate

High Court of Punjab & Haryana.

Founding Partner – B&B Associates LLP. In practice since 1982.

Mr. Ambransh Bhandari


Advocate Punjab & Haryana High Court.

Dr. Rohit Samhotra


Advocate Supreme Court of India

Mr. Paras Chugh


Advocate, District Court Chandigarh

Mr. Sunny Menghi


Advocate, District Court Mohali

Ms. Anjali Bisht


Advocate District Court Panchkula

The NRI Legal team evaluates each legal matter for its merits in a systematic non-complacent manner to devise an actionable plan. Instead of focusing on vague promises we believe in presenting truthful revelations before the client and suggesting the right course along with an estimate of tentative cost and time expense. This straightforward approach helps NRI Legal satisfy a vast national and international clientele.